Lean Software Development :theoy, principles and more

At the end the integrity should be verified with thorough testing, thus ensuring the System does what the customer expects it to. Automated tests are also considered part of the production process, and therefore if they do not add value they should be considered waste. Automated testing should not be a goal, but rather a means to an end, specifically the reduction of defects. Lean includes what many call the modern software development process. The workflow incorporates constant communication with customers and steady feedback. This enables continuous improvement, or Kaizen, in all parts of the operation.

The definition of Lean software development

This way, Lean allows teams to work more efficiently without worrying about mistakes made later in development. Lean is lightweight and agile, focusing on a project’s essentials. This way, it cuts out anything that does not directly affect the final work result.

Kaizen & Continuous Improvement in Agile

Share your experience and knowledge in the comments box below. It sometimes happens that an application or system turns out to be completely unsuitable for a market when it is launched. This can have several causes, but one of them is that the market is constantly changing and getting new needs. The Lean principles https://globalcloudteam.com/ in relation to Lean Software Development are explained below. For the purpose of sending you informational and educational content, which states the exercise of the data controller’s legitimate interest (article 6 GDPR). You can find out more about the processing of your personal data in our Privacy Policy.

  • Hence, using the method for projects where an MVP is sufficient is good.
  • If you have not heard about Lean Development, you’re missing out on a strategy that can help improve your overall efficiency and speed.
  • The Japanese had established themselves a formidable power in the world of manufacturing, whether it was consumer electronics or automobiles.
  • This principle urges teams to demonstrate responsible decision-making by keeping their options open and constantly gathering information rather than making decisions without required data.
  • This approach relies heavily on customer validation as well as rapid prototyping and continuous iteration in order to get feedback from customers early and often.
  • In Lean development, quality is everyone’s job, not just that of the quality analyst.

Lean software development aims to prevent waste without compromising consistency and quality. Use short iterative cycles to provide quick, constant feedback to ensure focus on the right things and make sure that team is working constructively on the action items identified & set. So if you want to develop any product, you need to deal with process and people. Dealing with human beings is quite complex as human behavior is led by their emotions, thoughts, traits.

Key Principles of Lean Software Development

To achieve this, developers constantly work on improving processes and eliminating waste. Developer.com features tutorials, news, and how-tos focused on topics relevant to software engineers, web developers, programmers, and product managers of development teams. This includes coverage of software management systems and project management software – all aimed at helping to shorten the software development lifecycle . So how can more people in the software development industry benefit from lean thinking? And is lean software development the best way to achieve continuous improvement?

The definition of Lean software development

Another benefit of the pulling concept is that you don’t implement something in advance “just in case,” but rather address the issues right in time. For instance, you shouldn’t optimize the system’s performance when it’s still too early. Or plan for international customers while you’re still in a local market. Nevertheless, keep in mind that all Lean systems should be easily adaptable once the necessity appears.


Thus the customers better understand their needs, based on the existing result of development efforts, and the developers learn how to better satisfy those needs. Lean development is a software development process focusing on efficiency and waste reduction. The primary purpose of Lean development is to reduce the time and resources needed to build and deploy software. Lean methodology in software development is also referred to as the minimum viable product technique.

Turning a «value» into a measurable objective for the team to pursue will be described later in this chapter. The next step is to map out all of the present phases that go into conceiving and delivering a feature or update once the original value has been defined and turned into a tangible goal for the team. By studying them, teams may use flowcharts to identify bottlenecks, pain spots, and delays in their delivery process. Redundant Code or functionality – does not provide additional value to the user; requires time for discussion, development, testing, and documentation; delays feedback loops.

Benefits of Lean Development and Project Management

Flow, in this sense, is a software development process that you use. Items should not be piled up between the stages, and there should not be bottlenecks. Watch your queues, remove obstacles, and aim for continuous flow. Unfortunately, you can’t apply this to software development as learning is vital to the process.

The definition of Lean software development

Demand for software is exploding, and companies cannot deliver apps fast enough. The Lean approach eliminates waste and delivers software fast, making development organizations more efficient and cutting cost. The team examines the process from start to finish to make the Lean value stream as efficient as possible.

Develop Powerful Custom Software with Imaginovation

It’s not simply about implementing a new method; it’s also about having the right people to make it work. Lean development is a software development paradigm that stresses efficiency and waste reduction throughout the development process. The prime objective of Lean development is to reduce the time lean development process and resources needed to build and deploy software. There are a number of benefits to using lean development, including faster software delivery, improved quality, and reduced costs. Lean Software Development is a lightweight approach to software creation using the Agile framework and philosophy.

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